Every Child a Coder? Research Challenges for a 5-18 Programming Curriculum

An IDC 2015 Workshop


Kate Howland is a Lecturer in Interaction Design at the University of Sussex, and researches the design of creative technologies for young people, particularly novice programming languages, and tools for interactive storytelling and game design.

Judith Good is a Reader in Informatics at the University of Sussex. Her research focuses on the development of motivating tools, languages and environments for novice programmers, particularly at the secondary school level, but increasingly at the primary school level as well.

Judy Robertson is Professor of Digital Learning at the Moray House School of Education. She is interested in Computer Science (CS) education and the benefits of creative game making in children. She is on the Royal Society of Edinburgh advisory group to develop new CS curriculum materials for schools, and is currently evaluating the impact of an innovative approach to CS teacher development.

Andrew Manches was previously an infant teacher and is now a Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh researching the role of interaction in early conceptual development. Andrew is also the director of a start-up that has designed, built and now sells an early learning computing education device.

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